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The best craps bets is your key to the victory

The history of the game and craps bets

Craps or dice – is one of the oldest games. It was known in ancient Egypt, as well as in Rome, people played this game. Unfortunately, the exact origin of the word Craps is unknown. It is said that the so-called combination that does not win, it consists of two numbers similar to the eyes of a crab.

Then this game came to America, and took on several changes and eventually got the name “Craps”. In the first half of the twentieth century in the United States, the latest version of the game has already appeared.

How to play and how to make craps bets

The game process consists of two main steps. Come Out, Roll and Point Roll. Consider them from the position of the shooter. The Come Out Roll is the first roll of dice that is needed to determine the Point number. Point is fixed if 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. In this case, the game proceeds to the Point Roll stage.

If, on the first throw, 2, 3 or 12 occurs, the Craps situation is declared, the shooter loses and the right to roll the dice passes to another player. When 7 or 11 falls, the situation is called Natural, the shooter wins and rolls the dice again.

At the Point Roll stage, the shooter continues to roll the dice until the set Point or 7 is dropped. In the first case he wins, the game starts anew and the shooter picks up the dice again. If 7 falls, he loses and cedes the right to roll the dice to another player. You can also find more info about the best bets in craps on the web.


Any player who has just created the account at an online casino, of course, cares about the only question “how to win with dice”. Perhaps you need to start by thoroughly studying the rules of craps, and especially the different types of craps bets including best craps bets. There are a huge number of them in dice and all give a completely different chance of success.

Best bets in craps strategy is the “Don’t pass strategy”

Don’t pass strategy is not very welcomed by most online casinos, as this greatly increases the chances of winning. It is about craps place bets on the Don’t ’pass line. The player loses on a roll of 7 or 11, winning on a roll of 2 or 3. Moreover, 12 means a draw, which is not too good, since the casino retains its advantage. If “point” is set, then the craps bets on the don’t ’pass line will bring a win even if the shooter drops out 7. That is don’t pass strategy gives the casino a minimum advantage of only 1.36%.

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