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How do you play craps online?

How do you play craps at online casino?

To play craps, a large special game table with an elongated shape with rounded corners is used. The edges of the sides of the table are high so that the bones do not fall out during the throw. The playing field of the craps table is covered with fabric and marked out by bet sectors. The betting field on the gaming table is divided into three parts: two symmetrical base fields at the edges, and one more between them in the center online games casino.

How do you play craps? A pair of dice is used to play this game – these are hexagonal cubes with right angles. On the stickman’s table is a set of 5 bones and a bowl for them, which has its own name – a boat. By stick, it moves the dice to the arrow player so that they choose two out of five for the throw.

Pax – game markers, two large black and white plastic washers with a diameter of about 5 cm with the words ON on one side and OFF on the other. Depending on the situation in the game, dealers put them on the playing field with the right side to show whether the bet is working or not. If the marker washer on the number is written with the inscription ON up, this means that this number is the point, and that it “plays” in the second stage. The inscription OFF means “offside”. This side puts the marker in the corner of the table on the DON’T COME BAR sector, at the end of the rolls on point.

Craps is a simple game, but without knowing the rules of dice, you cannot enjoy playing craps. The main thing is to study a difficult field for a game with a large number of sections for bets. Understanding the essence of the game is simple, the main thing is to have patience and desire.

If a player plans to devote their whole game to their favorite evening, then you must make the lowest possible bets. This will help the player not to lose a significant amount of money. Professional dice players recommend do not change the style of the game throughout the process.

Beginners need to thoroughly study the rules of betting and first of all enjoy a game of chance and not to bet large sums at the casino.

Rules of craps

Each craps batch combines two rounds:

  • Come Out Roll – the first throw, you need to make it so that the cubes hit the opposite side of the table.
  • Point Roll – this is the second round and it continues until the faces of the cubes form the sum 7 or Po.

The first roll determines how to play dice further. There are three options for continuation, depending on the amount deposited on the bones:

Craps rules
  • 7 or 11 (Natural) – the shooter wins and makes a second throw;
  • 2, 3, 12 (Craps) – losing the shooter and their change by the next player;
  • the remaining numbers 4–6 and 8–10 are the transition of the game to the second round.

At the beginning of Point Roll, the amount that activated is fixed, and the “ON” chip is displayed on the field. The round continues until the sum of the dice points is 7 or Point. Therefore, the number that started the second stage is remembered.

Where to find the best casino to play craps?

Craps is in second place by chances to win in Vegas. It is characterized by low casino profits and is able to bring good payouts.

On average, the casino advantage in this game is approximately 1.2%, and in some it is 0.6%, therefore, looking for the best casino for playing craps, you need to look for an online platform with a lower percentage of advantage.

The main bet in craps is called “Pass Line”. It practically guarantees that all players, even beginners, will receive a small profit. During the development of the game you can use other types of bets and start earning more.

The best virtual clubs offer free simulations of this game. Players who have successfully completed training in the demo version can use live or real money slots, where you can get cash present. It is all you should know if you ask a question: how do you play craps.

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