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Craps online free slots and their advantages

Craps online free games features

Craps belongs to the oldest type of games that were played even before mankind started to read and write. First, bones or stones, later, dice were used. Some “magic” people even managed to read the future with them: they came to conclusions and made prognoses in accordance with the position of the bones (stones) thrown. Now, people prefer to play Craps online free or for real money at casinos and gambling clubs.

Craps online free game advantages

Although a person who never heard about this game and watches how other players deal with it can think that it is easy, it is pretty complicated to remember and use all the rules to play Craps free online games and even win later. The game has too many peculiarities and special features that can be remembered only while constant training. As Craps is not as famous as card games, it is not easy to find an opponent to shoot the dice. Here, online casinos come to help gamers. They let people:

  • Understand the rules, sometimes, difficult for newbies;
  • Relax playing after work;
  • Remember special words and odds of Craps online free games;
  • Start gambling for money and win large prizes.

Playing this game for free also helps a person think logically, it trains one’s memory and let a person remember the numbers’ combinations at no time.

Craps rules in general

Here, typical six-sided dice (2 of them) are used. A shooter is a dealer and the other participants are the faders who usually place their bets against him (or a casino). It should be noted that:

  • The sum of 7 or 11 are said to be neutral (an instant win for the shooter);
  • 2, 3 and 12 are an immediate loss for the shooter;
  • 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 at Craps games free online are referred to as a Point (a new shoot is required).

A special table is a feature of the game that distinguished it from other games of chance. Besides, participants play against the casino, not against each other. There is a multitude of special features that players always have to remember — Pass, Don’ t Pass, Odds bets, Come and Don’ t Come, as well as buy, field, place and lay bets, etc.

Craps strategies

It would normally be assumed that there are numerous different strategies and techniques available for such a complex online free Craps game. Surprisingly, this is only partially the case, because there are no real “winning streets” here. A combination of Pass or Don’t Pass bets has proven to be particularly promising since in these cases the maximum odds can be taken. Beginners should therefore primarily stick to this game method until their own strategies have been developed.

Types of these dice games

Certainly, not all games where dice are used are called Craps. For instance, Sic Bo is very popular — its rules resemble the classic casino game mentioned above. Besides, slots and simulators are offered as well as mobile applications for the players on the go. The most interesting dice and Craps games include:

  • Free online Craps no download Android and iOS apps with various slots;
  • Elder Sign;
  • Dudo;
  • Dice Chess;
  • Bitcoin Dice, etc.

All of them can be played on a phone, computer or tablet. The choice of a device depends on the player’s preferences.

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