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There is a variety of dice games on the Internet and the Craps game online variant is the most popular one. Craps online game rules might seem either too complicated or too simplified. The newbies, who think that playing it, one should do nothing but throw (shoot) dice and then calculate the number of points, he is mistaken. Only a thoroughly chosen strategy can let a gamer win here.

Craps game online rules

The rules of any Craps game online type explain that it can either be played against other players or the bank. The gameplay of online Craps games can be explained as follows:

  1. In any Craps game online variant, the player bets on a result. He has to bet on “Pass” or “Don’t Pass”.
  2. He has the right not to shoot dice.
  3. If the player (shooter) rolls 7 or 11, he wins his bet once and is allowed to continue playing.
  4. In the case of a 2, 3 or 12, the round is considered lost.
  5. At 4, 5, 6, 8 or 9 the player scores one point. If the shooter scores a point, he may continue playing and roll the dice again.
  6. If he can score another point, he wins the total amount of the bet. He can roll the dice until he loses. This is the case once he rolls a 7.

As a rule, the player rolls the dice once or twice. However, if he collects points several times in succession, he can continue playing. The role of the 7 is striking. If it brings luck to the player on the first throw, he will later ruin it and is responsible for the loss in an online Craps game.

Strategy tips

Since everything in any Craps game online depends on a dice, it might be called a pure game of chance in which one cannot really change the outcome of the game with any strategy or calculate winning odds. However, Craps games online have strategies that help a shooter win more often.

First of all, the player should limit himself to Pass or Don’t Pass bets, since the house edge is 1.4% here. These are simple opportunities. These are bets that can usually double the amount of the Pass or Don’t pass bet.

The winnings are paid out according to the calculated probabilities, so there is no house edge here and it is a fair bet. The remaining bets have a relatively high house edge and are not recommended to get started. Certainly, they sometimes grant better payouts, but the chance that a player can lose everything is significantly higher.

The best slots with this dice game

Traditionally, only the best-rated casinos deal with the coolest Craps games free online slots created by famous gaming software developers. Here are the highest-rated free Craps games online:

  • BetSoft and 1X2 Gaming Craps;
  • Microgaming and Playtech variants. Besides, these companies provide casinos with real-time games of this type;
  • Vegas Slots Craps.

Besides, this is a very nice offline entertainment to spend time with friends and to have fun in a good company.

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